Thomas Tuchel on Bayern Munich's Path to Improvement, New Signings, Tactics, and More

10 months ago

As the new Bundesliga season draws near, the spotlight shines on Thomas Tuchel, the driving force behind Bayern Munich's 11th consecutive Bundesliga triumph. In a candid conversation with, Tuchel delves into Bayern's evolution, their strategic signings, tactical nuances, and personal reflections on his journey back to the Bundesliga after his time away. With a keen eye on improvement, Tuchel unravels the layers of Bayern's pursuit of excellence.

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Reflecting on the Tense Victory

Recalling the nail-biting finale of the previous season, Tuchel acknowledges the rollercoaster ride that led to Bayern Munich's title win. He describes the feeling as a mixture of relief and elation, considering the dramatic turns that ultimately secured their triumph over Borussia Dortmund. However, he is quick to emphasize that despite the victory, the team's performance wasn't consistently up to their own standards.

Strategic Squad Reinforcement

Tuchel provides insights into Bayern's strategic approach to squad development. While he didn't make specific requests to the board, he offered a comprehensive overview of the team's performance and needs. The desire for full-backs, a centre-back, a holding midfielder, and a No. 9 stemmed from a meticulous evaluation of the team's strengths and areas requiring reinforcement. Tuchel emphasizes the importance of a cohesive squad and the search for players who bring both talent and the right attitude to the team.

Tactical Considerations

Tuchel discusses the tactical nuances that underpin Bayern's style of play. While the team currently favors a back four, Tuchel doesn't rule out the possibility of employing a back three if circumstances demand it. He highlights the importance of maintaining a balance between offensive and defensive options on the field and tailoring the tactics to accommodate the squad's strengths and talents.

Welcoming Min-jae Kim

Tuchel's excitement about Min-jae Kim's arrival is evident. He praises Kim's calmness, composure, and straightforward style of play. Kim's ability to seamlessly transition from control to precise passes aligns with Tuchel's vision for a build-up player. The coach also lauds Kim's defensive bravery and anticipates his positive influence on the team.

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Personal Growth and Bundesliga Evolution

Tuchel reflects on his personal growth as a coach during his time away from the Bundesliga. He expresses gratitude for the diverse experiences gained at Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea, highlighting the challenges of adapting to different football cultures and ways of life. He acknowledges the uniqueness of the Premier League, its entertaining matches, and its emphasis on the pure essence of football, resonating deeply with players and fans.

 Evolving Bundesliga Landscape

Tuchel observes the evolving landscape of the Bundesliga since his return. He notes the influences of coaches like Jürgen Klopp and Ralf Rangnick, leading to an increased emphasis on high-pressing tactics and dynamic gameplay. While he admits to needing more time to comprehensively analyze the league's transformation, he acknowledges the Bundesliga's continuous evolution.

Iconic Bundesliga Moments

Tuchel shares personal iconic moments from the Bundesliga as a fan and coach. He recalls memorable matches, pivotal penalty misses, and encounters with legendary figures like Jupp Heynckes. Tuchel's journey from spectator to coach adds depth to his understanding and passion for the league.

Thomas Tuchel's insights offer an enlightening perspective on Bayern Munich's journey toward improvement, the Bundesliga's transformation, and his own growth as a coach. As the new season approaches, Tuchel's strategic approach, tactical adaptability, and appreciation for the league's nuances will undoubtedly contribute to Bayern Munich's pursuit of excellence on the pitch.

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