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Manchester United live information

Thankfully, ULSFootball has got you covered with exclusive Manchester United live streams in all football leagues where they compete. Make sure to bring the beautiful game right to your screen by clicking the schedule for Man UTD live streams on ULS Football. 

Manchester United currently plays in the Premier League, which is the top division of English football. They have been members of the Premier League since its inception in 1992. 

In addition to the Premier League live,  you can see Manchester United competing in the UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, and Club Friendlies 1.

List of Manchester United live streaming matches today

Won’t let you down by the series of Manchester United live today streams between the team and its rivals including Manchester City, Chelsea, or Liverpool. 

Manchester United vs Manchester City streaming

The Manchester Derby is one of English football's most anticipated and heated rivalries, with Manchester United and Manchester City frequently going head-to-head. The first Manchester Derby was on 12 November 1881, where Manchester United faced St. Mark's (West Gorton) – the then-city of Manchester's outfit, which is now known as Manchester City. Currently, ULSFootball is the best place to catch all the Manchester Derby action, from watching it live to catching replays.

Manchester United vs Liverpool streaming

The rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool is one of the fiercest in English football, if not in the world. This rivalry dates back to 1894, when the two teams first met in the League Division Two, with Liverpool emerging as the winner. Since then, the two teams have had some of the most thrilling encounters ever seen on the football pitch. As a Manchester United fan, you can catch all the exciting moments of their matches against Liverpool on ULSFootball.

Manchester United vs Chelsea streaming

When it comes to Premier League rivalry, Manchester United vs Chelsea is undoubtedly one of the biggest in recent years. These two powerhouse teams have met 185 times, with Manchester United winning 79 times, Chelsea winning 56 times, and 50 matches ending in draws. The first-ever meeting between the two teams was in 1905, with Chelsea recording a 1-0 win. ULSFootball is where Manchester United fans can watch all of their matches against Chelsea, from start to finish.

How to watch Manchester United live streaming today?

Before we dive into how to watch Manchester United live today, let's start by understanding the channels that broadcast their games. In the UK, Sky Sports and BT Sport have the rights to show live Premier League games, including Manchester United's matches. In the US, NBC Sports holds the rights to broadcast live Premier League games.

TV channels Pricing
Sky Sports £20/month
BT Sport £29.99/month
NBC Sports $9.99/month

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