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Manchester City Live Today information

From the Premier League to the UEFA Champions League, Manchester City is a top team to watch live football today. As one of the most successful clubs in English football history, Manchester City has been a joy to watch over the years. Live Manchester City matches are streamed in HD quality with English commentary. 

List of Manchester City live streaming matches

And now, with ULSFootball, you can watch all their games live, especially, the matches of Man City with its rivals like Man Utd, Liverpool, and Chelsea. 

Manchester City vs Manchester United streaming

The Manchester derby is one of the most exciting fixtures in the Premier League calendar. These two teams have been battling it out for bragging rights for over 100 years. Manchester City and Manchester United first met in 1881 and have played each other over 180 times since then. Their rivalry has intensified in recent years, and it's always a game worth watching.

Manchester City vs Liverpool streaming

The rivalry between Manchester City and Liverpool has been intense in recent years. These two English giants have been competing for the top spot in the Premier League table, with both teams challenging for the title year after year. Their first meeting was in 1893, and they have played each other over 220 times since then. Their games are always thrilling and filled with action.

Manchester City vs Chelsea streaming

Whenever Manchester City and Chelsea face each other, you know it's going to be a tight game. These two teams have played each other over 170 times since their first meeting in 1907. Their rivalry has been intense in recent years, with both teams competing for the top spot in the Premier League.

How to watch Manchester City live streaming

Before we dive into how to watch Manchester City Live Today, let's start by understanding the channels that broadcast their games. In the UK, Sky Sports and BT Sport have the rights to show live Premier League games, including Manchester City's matches. In the US, NBC Sports holds the rights to broadcast live Premier League games.

TV channels Pricing
Sky Sports £20/month
BT Sport £29.99/month
NBC Sports $9.99/month

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