Spanish Football Federation's Drastic Move to Save Suspended President Luis Rubiales

9 months ago

In an astonishing turn of events in the world of Spanish football, the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) has taken an extreme measure to safeguard its suspended president, Luis Rubiales. Rubiales, who recently received a 90-day suspension from FIFA due to his controversial behavior during the Women’s World Cup final celebrations, finds himself at the center of a storm. This article delves into Spanish Football Federation's Drastic Move to Save Suspended President Luis Rubiales.

Rubiales' Controversial Actions: RFEF's Unprecedented Step


The RFEF, facing mounting pressure and controversy surrounding Rubiales, has decided to take an extraordinary step. They have called for their own suspension by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) in a desperate bid to protect their beleaguered president. This shocking move came after UEFA was asked to suspend RFEF over allegations of government interference.

Luis Rubiales' suspension by FIFA stems from his actions during Spain's victory celebrations over England in the Women’s World Cup final. Rubiales kissed star attacker Jenni Hermoso on the lips, an act she later confirmed was not consensual, despite Rubiales' claims. Furthermore, Rubiales was seen making an inappropriate gesture during the celebrations in the presence of Spain’s queen. These actions have sparked outrage and led to a wave of support for Hermoso.

The backlash against Rubiales has been fierce. The national team's entire backroom staff resigned in protest, citing Rubiales' behavior as unacceptable. Even head coach Jorge Vilda, who initially supported Rubiales, eventually criticized his actions as public outrage grew.

Amidst the growing turmoil, RFEF's secretary general, Andreu Camps, has continued to stand by Rubiales. The federation took issue with the Spanish government's involvement in attempting to sanction Rubiales, leading to further tensions.

The Spanish government, represented by sports council head Victor Francos and acting labor minister Yolanda Diaz, has taken a firm stance against Rubiales' actions. They initiated a procedure to have Rubiales explain himself before the Sport Court, signaling their determination to address such behavior.

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RFEF's Drastic Request to UEFA


In an astonishing move, RFEF requested UEFA to suspend Spain's membership, a request that, if granted, would have severe consequences for Spanish football. This move was seen as an attempt to shield Rubiales from external investigations into his conduct.

Sky Sports reported that UEFA promptly rejected RFEF's request to suspend Spain's membership. UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has been in close contact with FIFA, as the Rubiales incident occurred under FIFA jurisdiction. Therefore, FIFA will handle the matter.

Had RFEF succeeded in getting UEFA membership suspended, it would have led to the expulsion of all Spanish clubs from UEFA competitions this season. This would have affected not only the women's and men's competitions but also the ongoing Euro 2024 qualifiers.

The Spanish football world finds itself in turmoil as the RFEF's attempt to protect its suspended president, Luis Rubiales, unfolds. With UEFA rejecting the suspension request, the future remains uncertain for Rubiales and Spanish football as a whole. The consequences of these dramatic events could reverberate throughout the season, affecting clubs, players, and fans alike.