Rudi Völler: Leverkusen's Legendary Game-Changer

9 months ago

Rudi Völler, the man with the iconic perm and legendary status at Bayer Leverkusen, has left an indelible mark on German football. From his playing days to becoming a revered sporting director, Völler's influence has revolutionized the club and unearthed football gems. Let's delve into the remarkable journey of the "Flying German."

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From Player to Legend

Rudi Völler's journey began as a Bayer Leverkusen player. His memorable diving headers earned him the nickname "Tante Käthe" in Germany and "The Flying German" in Rome. But his legacy goes far beyond his playing days.

Völler's illustrious career includes being part of Germany's 1990 World Cup-winning team. His three goals in that tournament contributed to the nation's triumph, forever cementing his name in football history.

In the 1995/96 season, Leverkusen was on the brink of relegation, but Völler's crucial goal and leadership ensured their survival. This heroic act saved not only the club but also set the stage for his legendary farewell.

After hanging up his boots, Völler transitioned into the role of sporting director at Leverkusen in 1996. His impact was immediate, reshaping the club's future and bringing in top talents.

Völler's tenure as sporting director saw Leverkusen flourish. He played a pivotal role in signing players like Emerson, Ze Roberto, Michael Ballack, and Bernd Schneider. His ability to attract international talent transformed the club.

Leverkusen's academy blossomed under Völler's guidance. Players like Kai Havertz and Florian Wirtz emerged as stars, reflecting his commitment to fostering talent.

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Become A Humble Leader

Völler's humility and empathy set him apart. His friendly demeanor and loyalty earned him respect in the football world. He was known for keeping his word and accepting responsibility for his decisions.

Völler's coaching stints at Leverkusen and with the German national team showcased his understanding of players' needs and handling pressure. He earned the trust of top players like Michael Ballack.

As Völler passed the torch to Simon Rolfes, Leverkusen remained a competitive force. His contributions laid the foundation for the club's future success.

Völler's journey continued as he took on the role of director for the Germany national team in February 2023. His vast experience and knowledge continue to benefit German football.


Rudi Völler's legacy at Bayer Leverkusen transcends football. From player to sporting director, he transformed the club into a powerhouse. His dedication, humility, and ability to nurture talent have left an indelible mark on German football. Völler will forever be celebrated at the BayArena and beyond.