Speed Demons of the Premier League: Ranking the Fastest Players in the 2022/23 Season

10 months ago

Few moments in football rival the exhilaration of witnessing a lightning-fast wide player effortlessly leave a defender in the dust. The Premier League, renowned as the pinnacle of football excellence, consistently treats us to this heart-pounding spectacle week after week. In this article, ULSFootball delves into the Speed Demons of the Premier League: Ranking the Fastest Players in the 2022/23 Season, unearthing who truly deserves the title of the fastest player on the pitch.

5. Darwin Nunez


Club: Liverpool
Top Speed: 36.53 km/h

Kicking off our countdown is the dynamic Darwin Nunez, the new number nine for Liverpool. Operating either as a wide presence or through the center, Nunez's ability to unleash lightning-quick runs behind the opposition's defense has made him an ever-present threat.

4. Anthony Gordon


Club: Newcastle United
Top Speed: 36.61 km/h

Newcastle United's investment of a staggering £45 million in January 2022 to secure Anthony Gordon underlines the club's high expectations for this agile winger. Gordon's remarkable speed, evident in his 36.61 km/h sprint, combined with his precise crosses, was epitomized by his assist to Sandro Tonali against Aston Villa.

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3. Mykhailo Mudryk


Club: Chelsea
Top Speed: 36.63 km/h

A key component of the Todd Boehly revolution at Chelsea, Mykhailo Mudryk, signed in January 2022, exudes pace and flair down the left wing. Premier League rivals will grapple with his speed and skill throughout his tenure at Stamford Bridge.

2. Brennan Johnson

Club: Nottingham Forest
Top Speed: 36.70 km/h

Nottingham Forest's survival in the Premier League this season owes much to the prowess of Brennan Johnson. This Welsh forward, often a game-changer, boasts a top speed of 36.70 km/h and can turn the tide in his team's favor.

1. Kyle Walker


Club: Manchester City
Top Speed: 37.31 km/h

Despite his age of 33, Kyle Walker remains astonishingly swift. Recognized globally as one of the finest defenders, Walker's unparalleled speed consistently outpaces even the most formidable forwards. His incredible agility, coupled with his overall brilliance, has contributed significantly to Manchester City clinching a remarkable five Premier League titles in recent seasons.

The 2022/23 Premier League season witnessed a dazzling array of speed demons who showcased their blistering pace and left fans awe-struck. From Nunez's lightning-quick bursts to Walker's exceptional velocity, these players redefined the limits of speed on the pitch. Their performances serve as a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence that defines the Premier League.