Luis Rubiales Resigns as RFEF President

9 months ago

In a shocking turn of events, Luis Rubiales, the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), has announced his resignation after a five-year tenure marked by controversy and criticism. His exit comes as a result of his behavior following Spain's victory in the Women's World Cup held in Australia and New Zealand. In this article, ULSFootball delves into the series of events that led to his resignation and the implications for the future of Spanish football.

Behavioral Controversy Post Women's World Cup


Following Spain's triumph in the Women's World Cup, Rubiales found himself engulfed in a firestorm of criticism due to his actions during and after the event. One significant incident was his non-consensual kiss to Jenni Hermoso during the medal ceremony. This gesture, along with other inappropriate events, provoked a strong backlash from both the sporting and political sectors.

Rubiales' controversial behavior became a focal point of condemnation, prompting calls for his resignation. The incident at the Women's World Cup medal ceremony, combined with his inappropriate conduct on and off the pitch during the celebration, significantly tarnished his image as the head of Spanish football. He faced criticism not only for the actions themselves but also for his initial lack of remorse and accountability.

Apology Falls Short


Amid growing pressure, Rubiales released an apology video during a stopover on his return flight, expressing regret for his actions. However, this apology was deemed "insufficient" by senior politicians and sports officials, who demanded a more forceful response to address the "inadmissible" behavior. Additionally, his attempt to involve the affected footballers, Jenni Hermoso and Ivana Andrés, was met with their categorical rejection.

Jenni Hermoso's condemnation of Rubiales' actions triggered a cascade of reactions from various quarters of Spanish society and the sports world. Influential figures such as Isco, Borja Iglesias, Iker Casillas, and representatives of the RFEF board joined the chorus of denunciation. Even high-ranking politicians including Pedro Sanchez and Miquel Iceta voiced their disapproval of Rubiales' behavior.

FIFA's Decisive Action


The climax of the controversy came with FIFA's intervention. Rubiales faced accusations of violating specific articles (13.1 and 13.2) and found himself under the scrutiny of football's governing body. This escalated the pressure on him to address the situation promptly and adequately. The social and sporting backlash, coupled with the looming FIFA investigation, left Rubiales with no option but to resign.

Despite attempts within his entourage to salvage the situation, Rubiales' resignation became inevitable. The mounting social and sporting pressure coupled with the impending FIFA investigation, left him with no choice but to step down. His presidency, which had been marked by controversy, has now come to an end after five tumultuous years.

With Luis Rubiales' departure, the Royal Spanish Football Federation enters a new phase. The question of who will succeed him remains unanswered. The RFEF will have to navigate through this transition and find a new leader to steer Spanish football into the future.

Luis Rubiales' resignation as the president of the RFEF marks the end of a tenure characterized by controversy and scandal. His behavior following Spain's Women's World Cup victory led to his downfall, as the pressure from various quarters, including FIFA, became insurmountable. Spanish football now stands at a crossroads, awaiting a new leader to guide it into a new era.

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