Jakub Kiwior Shares Insights on Mikel Arteta's Unique Management Style

9 months ago

Arsenal's recent acquisition, Jakub Kiwior, has provided a fascinating glimpse into the distinctive managerial approach of Mikel Arteta. While the Polish international may not have secured a permanent spot in the starting lineup, his admiration for Arteta's methods shines through. In this article, we delve into Kiwior's revelations about Arteta's coaching style and how it has influenced the Gunners' performance.

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Arteta's Pre-Match Talks


One of the standout aspects of Mikel Arteta's management style, as highlighted in the 'Arsenal: All or Nothing' documentary, is his pre-match talks. Kiwior acknowledges that these sessions are unlike anything he has experienced before. The final meeting before stepping onto the pitch is transformed into an opportunity for Arteta to shape his players' attitude towards the game. It's a novel approach that has left an impression on Kiwior and his teammates.

Kiwior speaks highly of the co-operation and relationship within the team, emphasizing the positivity that Arteta fosters. Furthermore, the young defender praises Arteta's tactical acumen and his ability to effectively communicate his vision to the players. Kiwior's endorsement is resounding: "Even if I wanted to say something negative, there is nothing negative to say."

The results on the field substantiate Kiwior's appreciation of Arteta's methods. Arsenal's recent Premier League campaign was a thrilling one, as they came close to clinching their first title in nearly two decades, giving Manchester City a run for their money. With a strong start to the new season, the Gunners seem poised to challenge for the top spot once again.

Ambitions for the Future


In discussing Arsenal's aspirations, Kiwior expresses the team's hunger for success. Every player is determined to secure three points in every match, with last season's table-topping position serving as motivation to sustain their performance. The level of competition within the squad is undeniably high, but Kiwior welcomes the challenge and strives to contribute to the team's success, regardless of his role in the starting lineup.

In conclusion, Jakub Kiwior's insights shed light on the unique coaching style of Mikel Arteta and its positive impact on Arsenal's performance. With a strong foundation and a hunger for success, Arsenal fans have every reason to be optimistic about the future under Arteta's guidance.

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