Ajax Pursues Thiago Almada: Will Atlanta United Part Ways?

9 months ago

In the ever-evolving realm of football transfers, Eredivisie powerhouse Ajax has set its sights on a prized target – none other than Atlanta United's midfield maestro, Thiago Almada. As whispers of a potential move grow louder, let's delve into the details of this intriguing pursuit and its possible implications.

Ajax's Interest and Talks Initiation


Recent developments have ignited the football world with the news that Ajax, one of the giants of the Dutch football scene, is keenly interested in securing the services of Thiago Almada. Sources close to the situation have confirmed that discussions between the two entities are already in motion, painting a picture of anticipation and curiosity.

Ajax's pursuit of Almada stems from the necessity to fill a void left by the departure of Mohammed Kudus. The Ghanaian talent's move to West Ham on a significant £38 million deal has created a void in Ajax's midfield, prompting the club to seek a worthy replacement. Almada, with his exceptional skills and versatility, emerges as a prime contender for this role.

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Atlanta United's Stance: Will They Yield?


While Ajax's interest in Almada is palpable, Atlanta United stands as a formidable barrier to any potential transfer. The American side has previously exhibited reluctance in parting ways with the Argentine dynamo, demonstrating little inclination to entertain the prospect of his departure in the face of European inquiries.

Thiago Almada's journey with Atlanta United has been nothing short of impressive. Since his arrival in 2022 from Velez Sarsfield, the talented midfielder has etched his mark on the team's success story. With a remarkable tally of 14 goals and 23 assists in 51 games, Almada's contributions have been pivotal in Atlanta's quest for excellence.

While Almada's potential departure hangs in the balance, Atlanta United faces a strategic predicament. Selling the midfielder at this juncture could leave the team in a vulnerable position, particularly considering that they are unable to secure a replacement until the MLS primary transfer window reopens in December. This leaves head coach Gonzalo Pineda with the challenging task of navigating the remainder of the 2023 season without a key midfield asset.

As negotiations unfold, the possibility of a record-breaking transfer fee looms large. History has shown that significant financial offers can sway even the most resolute decisions. A parallel can be drawn to the case of Miguel Almiron, who was reluctantly transferred to Newcastle in 2019 for a staggering league-record fee of $29 million (£23 million).

Amidst the speculation, Thiago Almada's stance remains open and pragmatic. In January, he expressed his willingness to explore new horizons if the right opportunity presented itself. While dedicated to Atlanta United, Almada's exclusive statement to 90min revealed his readiness to consider potential offers alongside his family.

The saga of Ajax's pursuit of Thiago Almada adds an intriguing chapter to the world of football transfers. As talks progress and speculations linger, the football fraternity watches with bated breath, wondering whether Atlanta United will yield to Ajax's pursuit or hold steadfast to their prized asset. Only time will unveil the next chapter in this captivating narrative of talent, ambition, and the ever-evolving dynamics of football transfers.

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