Addressing Man United's Midfield Issues: Ten Hag's Creative Trial

9 months ago

Manchester United's midfield struggles have been the subject of concern as the summer transfer window ticks away. Manager Erik ten Hag finds himself facing a pressing need to fortify his team's midfield options. As the Red Devils prepare to clash with Nottingham Forest, the urgency to bolster their ranks becomes paramount, especially after the team's rocky start to the season. In this article, we explore a potential innovative solution that Ten Hag might employ to address these midfield woes.

The Urgent Need for Reinforcement


United's midfield concerns have come to the forefront with the glaring absence of a reliable defensive presence to support Casemiro. The team's pivotal defensive midfielder has been left exposed in the opening fixtures, underscoring the requirement for new talent in this crucial area of the pitch. Despite Mason Mount's £60 million acquisition, his sidelining due to injury adds to the pressure for reinforcements.

Amid the pursuit of enhancing their midfield, Manchester United has set their sights on Bayern Munich's Ryan Gravenberch and Fiorentina's Sofyan Amrabat. The quest for the right player, however, is compounded by the challenge of offloading underperforming players like Eric Bailly, Harry Maguire, and Donny van de Beek. The team's ability to secure new talent hinges on their success in trimming their roster.

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The Dilemma Looms: To Reinforce or Not


Failure to offload surplus players could hinder Ten Hag's ability to bolster the midfield. Casemiro's proficiency notwithstanding, the recent matches have exposed the team's vulnerability without adequate backup. In light of this, a novel approach might be required to reinforce the midfield and offer Casemiro the support he needs.

Erik ten Hag might consider a unique experiment to stabilize the midfield – a strategy he has not deployed during his tenure at Old Trafford. This entails transitioning Lisandro Martinez, known for his robust playing style, into the midfield. The Argentine's versatility and knack for ball distribution make him a candidate for this experimental role. While Ten Hag had reservations about Martinez's midfield capabilities at Ajax, desperate times call for creative solutions.

A Tactical Consideration: Learning from the Past


Ten Hag's familiarity with Martinez from their time at Ajax could provide insights into his adaptability. Although Martinez lacked the required running capacity for midfield operations, Ten Hag's past refusal to rule out the prospect indicates an openness to experimentation. He emphasized the necessity for managers to exhibit creativity when faced with challenging situations.

While deploying Martinez as a No.6 might not be fitting for the upcoming home fixture against Forest, the Argentine's move to midfield could be a viable option against Arsenal. The Gunners' style of play and United's away record make Martinez's steel and grit valuable assets. Martinez's willingness to adapt, as expressed in his earlier statements, underscores his commitment to the team's success.

Balancing Pros and Cons

While Martinez's potential midfield role offers benefits, it also poses risks. Displacing him from his center-back position could disrupt his partnership with Raphael Varane. Victor Lindelof's reliability could alleviate concerns, but it's not the ideal scenario. Ten Hag faces the challenge of evaluating the trade-offs and determining the best course of action.

In the midst of Manchester United's midfield predicament, Erik ten Hag's audacious experiment with Lisandro Martinez presents an intriguing solution. While the challenges are evident, the urgency of the situation demands creative thinking. As the transfer deadline looms, the manager's decision could shape the team's prospects in the upcoming matches. Only time will reveal whether this unique approach will alleviate the midfield woes and propel Manchester United to success.

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