9 things about Robin Gosens of Union Berlin you may not know

10 months ago

In a triumphant twist of fate, Robin Gosens, the seasoned left-back, is set to embrace his homeland's top-tier football for the first time. After a stint with UEFA Champions League finalists Inter Milan, Gosens is all set to don the colors of Union Berlin. His journey from the Dutch Eredivisie to Italy's Serie A, and now to the Bundesliga, paints a vivid picture of persistence, growth, and tenacity.

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Charting Robin Gosens' Remarkable Journey

Robin Gosens' name is now synonymous with resilience and unwavering dedication. As of 16 August 2023, the 29-year-old stands poised to add a new chapter to his already impressive career. Hailing from Union Berlin, Gosens' journey has been anything but ordinary.

Unveiling the Player

Born on 5 July 1994, Gosens boasts an illustrious career that has brought him to Union Berlin, where he commands the position of a dynamic left-back. With 16 caps and two goals for the German national team, he's more than just a defender—he's a formidable force on the field.

Triumph Over Adversity

From Borussia Dortmund's Setback to Serie A Stardom

Gosens' career began with an unexpected hiccup—an unsuccessful trial with Bundesliga giants Borussia Dortmund. His earnest recollection of struggling to keep up serves as a testament to his honesty. However, setbacks only fueled his determination. A path through the Dutch Eredivisie and the Italian Serie A beckoned, and Gosens answered the call with unyielding resolve.

Robin Gosens to Union Berlin

Nurturing Growth in the Netherlands

The Netherlands became Gosens' training ground, the place where he honed his skills and nurtured his passion. A loan spell at Dordecht marked his entry into top-flight football, despite the team's relegation that season. His subsequent move to Heracles Almelo saw a steady rise in both defensive prowess and attacking contributions. It was here that the football world began to take notice of his potential.

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Italian Odyssey and International Debut

Atalanta's embrace saw Gosens' metamorphosis into an attacking force from his left wing-back position. A flurry of goals and assists showcased his versatility and skill, while his debut for the German national team solidified his place on the international stage. His standout performance against Portugal in UEFA Euro 2020 highlighted his impact.

 Milan and Beyond

Gosens' move to Inter Milan in January 2022 marked a new chapter. Although not a constant starter, he contributed significantly to the team's successes, including two Coppa Italia wins. Despite falling short in the 2023 Champions League final against Manchester City, Gosens' experience further enriched his footballing journey.

A New Chapter with Union Berlin

The summer of 2023 brought an exciting new challenge as Union Berlin came calling. Gosens' decision to join the club would infuse his valuable Champions League experience into the team's debut campaign. His prowess on the left side, characterized by pace, defensive prowess, and physicality, is set to elevate Union Berlin's gameplay.

Gosens' Goal-Scoring Prowess

Gosens' 42 career goals have often acted as harbingers of victory for his team. His impressive record, including goals against top-tier opponents like Napoli, Liverpool, AC Milan, and Barcelona, showcases his ability to shine when it matters most.

Echoes of Praise

Acclaim from Peers and Coaches

Gosens' impact transcends statistics. Germany coach Joachim Löw lauds his character and commitment, emphasizing his role as a fighter on and off the field. Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini hailed Gosens' departure to Inter Milan, recognizing his pivotal role in the team's success. Oliver Ruhnert, head of Union Berlin's men's first team, celebrates Gosens as an embodiment of commitment, mentality, and team spirit.


Robin Gosens' journey from Dortmund's setback to Union Berlin's vibrant stage encapsulates the essence of unwavering determination and the power of resilience. As he embarks on a new chapter with Union Berlin, his experience, versatility, and attacking prowess stand as a testament to his commitment to the sport.

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