Who is Bruno Fernandes’s wife - Ana Pinho?

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Bruno Fernandes is known as one of the dynamic midfielders with outstanding skills and attractive personalities of Manchester United and the Portuguese national team. He always received widespread acclaim, as well as captured the hearts of fans on the pitch. Every successful athlete has a steadfast support system behind them. In the article below, we will explore Bruno Fernandes' wife, who played an important role in his journey to the pinnacle of professional football.

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Bruno Fernandes wife - Ana Pinho's biography

Ana Pinho was born in the Portuguese city of Porto on April 18, 1994. Along with Bruno, she graduated from a high school in Boavista. She is one of the social media WAGs with the most influence. 

Bruno's wife can be seen cheering him on numerous occasions throughout the stadium. Bruno and Ana previously resided in Vilamoura, Portugal; however, upon their signing with Manchester United, the couple has now relocated to Manchester, United Kingdom.

Ana Pinho has an Instagram account (@anaapinho_) of 127k followers. 

Her net worth is about $6 million that is sticked to the Manchester United star. 

When did Bruno Fernandes get married? 

When they were in high school in Boavista, their relationship first began. As it occurred, Bruno fell in love with Ana while they were both in the same class. It was a case of "love at first sight," as they immediately grew close and decided to be together forever. The continuing love between Bruno Fernandes and Ana Pinho is evident in all of their public interactions and social media posts. 

Ana has been seen as Bruno's rock during the game's inevitable ups and downs, providing unwavering support and understanding. She always stood by Bruno Fernandes as he began his first day in professional football.  

Bruno married his sweetheart in a wedding ceremony on December 23, 2015. All of their relatives and friends came to the lovely event.

How many children do Fernandes and his wife have?

The midfielder from Portugal has two children. Two beautiful children were given to Bruno and Ana as a blessing. 

Bruno and Ana have two gorgeous children, a son named Goncalo and a daughter named Matilde.

In January 2017, Ana Pinho and Bruno Fernandes had their first child. The couple chose Matilde Fernandes as the name for their daughter.

The couple had their second child in September 2020. They decided to name their son Gonçalo Fernandes because it was a male this time.

Despite having a busy schedule as a professional athlete, Bruno never forgets to spend time with his family. The Fernandes family treasures their time together, cultivating a warm and loving environment for their children to flourish, whether it's posting heartwarming moments on social media or going to family gatherings.

Ana frequently brings her kids to watch Bruno play during games. Bruno responded without hesitation when a reporter inquired him who he should share his achievement with: "Family. My family watches me play in the stands at every game.

That also comprehends how highly respected his family is to the 28-year-old footballer. Abd it must be the reason why Bruno decided to wear the number 18 shirt when he joined Manchester United. Because it's his wife's birthday (April 18, 1994)

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In conclusion

The story of Bruno Fernandes wife, Ana Pinho exemplifies the power of love, support, and teamwork. Bruno's road to being one of the most well-known footballers in the world has surely been greatly simplified by Ana's unfailing support and dedication. Together, they are the pinnacle of a solid partnership—one that transcends borders and propels each partner to new heights. Bruno Fernandes will always have his wife at his side, encouraging him every step of the way, as he makes his imprint on the football world, that much is certain.