SonyLIV Review for Watching Live Stream Football 2023

11 months ago

SonyLIV is a top-tier online streaming platform that provides a wide range of content, from popular TV shows to exciting sports events. Looking for a trustful SonyLIV review? As a customer of SonyLIV, I have thoroughly experienced the platform and would like to share my thoughts on its features, benefits, as well the pros and cons of watching live stream football on SonyLIV. 

What is SonyLIV?

SonyLIV is a popular online streaming platform owned by Sony Pictures Networks India. It offers a wide range of content, including TV shows, movies, sports events, and original web series. Users can access SonyLIV through its website or mobile app to watch their favorite programs on demand. SonyLIV caters primarily to an Indian audience and provides content in various languages, such as Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and more.

Is SonyLIV legit?

Yes, SonyLIV is a legitimate online streaming platform owned by Sony Pictures Networks India. It is a reputable service that provides licensed content from various sources, including TV channels, production houses, and sports broadcasters. SonyLIV has official partnerships and rights agreements in place with content creators, ensuring that the content available on their platform is legal and authorized for streaming. However, it's important to note that SonyLIV may have certain regional restrictions and subscription requirements for accessing certain content. It is always advisable to check the terms and conditions of the platform and abide by any necessary subscription or licensing requirements to enjoy the content legally.

SonyLIV Review: A Comprehensive Streaming Experience



In this SonyLIV review, we together discover its features as well as the pros and cons of using the site. 

User-Friendly Interface and Extensive Content Library

One of the standout features of SonyLIV is its user-friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and find the desired content. The platform offers a vast library of shows, movies, sports, and original web series, catering to diverse interests and preferences. From gripping dramas to thrilling live sports action, SonyLIV has something for everyone.

High-Quality Video Streaming and Multiple Language Options

The streaming quality on SonyLIV is commendable, with crystal-clear video and smooth playback. Whether I'm watching a live cricket match or streaming my favorite TV show, the picture quality remains consistently impressive. Additionally, SonyLIV offers content in multiple languages, including Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and more, ensuring a personalized viewing experience for users across India.

Live Sports Coverage and Exclusive Originals

As a sports enthusiast, I greatly appreciate SonyLIV's extensive live sports coverage. From cricket tournaments to football leagues, SonyLIV brings the excitement of live matches right to my screen. Moreover, the platform's exclusive originals, such as web series and documentaries, have provided me with unique and engaging content that I couldn't find elsewhere.

Pros and Cons of watching live football streaming on SonyLIV

While SonyLIV offers a fantastic streaming experience, it's important to highlight a few pros and cons:


  • Diverse Content: SonyLIV boasts a wide array of content genres, ensuring there's something for every viewer.
  • Excellent Video Quality: The platform delivers high-quality streaming videos, offering a visually pleasing experience.
  • Live Sports Coverage: Sports enthusiasts can enjoy live matches and tournaments from various sports.


  • Regional Restrictions: Certain content may have regional restrictions, limiting access to specific regions or requiring a subscription for full access.
  • Limited International Content: Although SonyLIV primarily caters to an Indian audience, the platform could benefit from expanding its international content library.

SonyLIV Review on other platforms

  • 3.1 stars on its Facebook fanpage based on 821 reviews
  • 1.59 star on Mouthshut based on 1449 votes
  • 2.8 stars on Trust Pilot based on 3 reviews 
  • 3.5 stars on its CH play based ‎on 1,815,290 votes

The reception of SonyLIV appears to differ across various platforms. On its own Facebook fan page, the streaming platform has garnered a rating of 3.1 stars by 821 reviews. However, the situation seems less favorable on other third-party review websites. Mouthshut, for instance, has given SonyLIV a rating of only 1.59 stars based on 1449 votes. Similarly, Trust Pilot has rated it at 2.8 stars, but this is counted by only 3 reviews. On CH play, SonyLIV has managed to achieve a higher rating of 3.5 stars based on a significant number of votes, reaching 1,815,290.

These contrasting ratings may raise questions about the authenticity of the positive reviews found on SonyLIV's own platforms. It is plausible to suspect that the company might be artificially boosting its reputation by posting favorable reviews internally.

A common complaint among users when it comes to watching live streaming on SonyLIV revolves around the excessive frequency of advertisements, which often occur every 2 to 3 minutes. This interruption can be frustrating and disrupt the viewing experience for many.

Another issue faced by users is the slow broadcast of content. This lag in streaming can detract from the enjoyment and cause inconvenience, especially during live sports events or time-sensitive broadcasts.

Furthermore, there have been complaints regarding the quality of customer service provided by SonyLIV. Users have reported difficulties in reaching out for support or receiving timely assistance when facing technical issues or encountering other problems.

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In my experience as a customer of SonyLIV, I have found the platform to be a reliable and enjoyable source of entertainment. With its user-friendly interface, extensive content library, and exceptional streaming quality, SonyLIV has consistently met my expectations. Despite a few minor SonyLIV review, the benefits of accessing live sports, exclusive originals, and a diverse range of shows and movies make SonyLIV a worthwhile streaming service for anyone seeking quality entertainment.

We highly recommend taking the free plan before you buy a subscription. If you don't like SonyLIV, don't forget that for watching live football streams, you have more options like ULS Football, Bingsport, and many more.