Neymar Tattoo: Unveiling the Artistry of His Inked Tales

11 months ago

With over 46 tattoo pictures adorning his body, each Neymar tattoo is intricately designed and holds profound meaning. From heartfelt tributes to family members to symbols of love, courage, and personal milestones, the Neymar tattoo collection offers a glimpse into the remarkable journey of this renowned football superstar. Join us as we delve into the captivating world of Neymar's tattoos, exploring the stories, symbolism, and artistry behind each inked masterpiece.

Neymar's Most Iconic Tattoos

Neymar, the renowned Brazilian football sensation, is not only recognized for his extraordinary skills on the field but also for the captivating stories etched onto his skin. With over 46 tattoos adorning his body, each with its own unique meaning, Neymar transforms himself into a living canvas. Let's take a closer look at 17 of his iconic tattoos and the intriguing tales they hold.



  1. Sister Tattoo: Neymar's love for his sister, Rafaella Santos, is evident through the tattoo on his right shoulder. This endearing tribute symbolizes their unbreakable bond and the immense affection he holds for her.
  2. Sorella and Diamond Tattoo: On Neymar's left shoulder, a diamond accompanied by the word "sorella" pays homage to his sister once again. "Sorella," meaning sister in Italian, represents their strong connection.
  3. Right Bicep Tattoo: Neymar's right bicep proudly displays the face of his beloved mother, Nadine Santos. This tattoo serves as a constant reminder of his gratitude and the immeasurable love he has for his mom.
  4. "Never Ending Love" Tattoo: Positioned just above Neymar's right thigh, the words "Never Ending Love" were inked during his relationship with actress Bruna Marquezine. It serves as a testament to their deep affection and commitment at the time.
  5. Chest Tattoo: Neymar's chest bears a prayer tattoo, a heartfelt tribute to his father. This inked memorial represents the enduring love and respect he holds for his late father.
  6. Love Tattoo: Neymar opted to ink the word "Love" onto his left palm, embracing the power and significance of love in his life.
  7. Left-Hand Tattoo: On Neymar's left hand, a lion's face embodies strength and courage. Alongside it, a crown on his left ring finger and a tick mark on the adjacent finger add subtle yet meaningful touches.
  8. Blessed Tattoo: Located on Neymar's upper back, just beneath his neck, the word "Blessed" stands as a constant reminder of the countless blessings he has received throughout his journey.
  9. IV Tattoo: Neymar's right neck boasts a tattoo of the Roman numeral IV. Symbolizing his family, it represents the four members: himself, his parents, and his sister.
  10. Bird Tattoo: Three little birds accompanied by the phrase "Tudo Passa" (meaning "nothing lasts forever") decorate Neymar's skin. Just like the birds' transitory nature, it serves as a reminder to cherish the present moment.
  11. Forearm Tattoo: Neymar's right forearm proudly displays the name of his son, Davi Lucca, along with his date of birth. This tattoo symbolizes the unbreakable bond between father and son.
  12. Ankle Tattoos: On Neymar's left ankle, the word "Ousadia" (meaning "courage") is etched, while his right ankle bears the word "Alegria" (meaning "joy"). These tattoos pay tribute to his career at FC Barcelona and reflect important values he holds dear.
  13. Tiger Tattoo: Neymar's outer left forearm showcases a striking tattoo of a tiger, a powerful symbol of strength and fierceness.
  14. Dream Chaser Tattoo: Neymar's right neck exhibits a tattoo of a feather alongside the words "Dream Chaser" in elegant cursive. It encapsulates his relentless pursuit of his dreams and aspirations.
  15. Heart Tattoo: Neymar's upper right arm features a faded heart tattoo, the meaning of which remains known only to him.
  16. "Shhh" Tattoo: Inked on Neymar's left index finger, the word "Shh..." suggests a secretive or mysterious side, leaving room for speculation and curiosity.
  17. Cross and Crown Tattoo: Neymar's outer left upper arm showcases a combination of a cross and a crown. While the exact significance remains undisclosed, it adds to the enigmatic allure of his tattoo collection.

These 17 iconic tattoos encapsulate Neymar's personal journey, deep connections, and powerful emotions. Each piece of ink tells a story, allowing fans and admirers to catch a glimpse into the multifaceted persona of this extraordinary football superstar.

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Impact and Influence of Neymar Tattoo

Neymar's tattoos extend beyond being personal expressions of art. They have also left a lasting impact on his fans and followers. His extensive collection of ink has inspired a surge in tattoo trends, with fans seeking to emulate his iconic designs. From sister tributes to symbols of love and strength, pictures of Neymar tattoo have become a source of inspiration for individuals looking to convey their own meaningful stories through body art.

Furthermore, Neymar's prominent display of tattoos has played a significant role in reshaping the perception of professional athletes and tattoos. Once considered taboo or unprofessional, tattoos are now more widely accepted in the sporting world. Neymar's visible and celebrated tattoos have helped break down stereotypes, showcasing that athletes can express their individuality and personal narratives through body ink without compromising their skills or dedication to their sport.


Neymar's tattoos have not only captivated fans but have also influenced tattoo trends and contributed to the evolving acceptance of tattoos in the realm of professional sports. Through his remarkable body art, Neymar has become a trailblaze