Unlocking Bruno Fernandes Number: What Is His Number Now?

1 year ago

Discovering Bruno Fernandes number is an intriguing subject for football fans worldwide. As the Portuguese maestro continues to excel for Manchester United and the national team, understanding the significance behind his chosen jersey number provides insight into his personal and professional journey on the pitch. Let’s dive into this post for details!

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Bruno Fernandes Number At This Time

Bruno Fernandes wears the number 8 jersey for Manchester United and the Portuguese national team. As an attacking midfielder, Fernandes embodies creativity, vision, and goal-scoring prowess in his role on the pitch. The number 8 jersey holds great significance for him, representing his influential position in both teams and his commitment to leading their offensive play.

Why Does Bruno Fernandes Choose Number 8 In Man United?


Bruno Fernandes chose the number 8 jersey at Manchester United as a tribute to his father and as a representation of his family's support and sacrifices throughout his football career. It was the number his father wore during his playing days.

His father had to make the difficult decision to quit football and pursue a job opportunity to better support his family. This sacrifice left a profound impact on Fernandes, who holds immense admiration and respect for his father's selflessness. By wearing the number 8, Fernandes honors his father's memory and carries on his family's legacy.

Besides, the Portuguese midfielder revealed that the number 8 represents his father's dream of being a footballer, making it a symbol of their shared aspirations. It serves as a reminder of the support and encouragement he received from his family in pursuing his dreams of becoming a professional footballer.

Also, his 'BF8' tattoo on his arm further reflects his connection to his family. The tattoo combines the initials of his parents' last names, Borges and Fernandes, and the number 8 represents his birthdate.

Bruno Fernandes Old Numbers

Here is a table summarizing Bruno Fernandes' jersey numbers for each season at different clubs:


Season Club Number
22/23 Manchester United 8
21/22 Manchester United 18
20/21 Manchester United 18
19/20 Manchester United 18
19/20 Sporting CP 8
18/19 Sporting CP 8
17/18 Sporting CP 8
16/17 UC Sampdoria 10
15/16 Udinese Calcio 8
14/15 Udinese Calcio 7
14/15 Udinese Calcio 8
13/14 Udinese Calcio 32
12/13 Novara Calcio 1908 32


When joining Manchester United, Fernandes decided to opt for the No.18 instead of No.8. He explained that the number 18 holds significance for him because it is also the birthday of his wife. This shows his affection for his wife and the importance of their relationship.

Moreover, Fernandes mentioned that he was inspired by watching Paul Scholes, a Manchester United legend, play while wearing the No.18 shirt. He expressed his admiration for Scholes and the opportunity to wear the same number as the renowned midfielder. By donning the No.18, Fernandes aims to honor Scholes' legacy and hopes to make his mark while wearing the shirt.


Bruno Fernandes number holds deep meaning for the Portuguese midfielder. It symbolizes his family's support, his father's dream of being a footballer, and the sacrifices made along his journey. Wearing the number 8 represents Fernandes' gratitude, heritage, and unbreakable bond with his loved ones, further solidifying his status as a key player for Manchester United and Portugal.