Salah Stays Firm: Rejects Saudi Pro League Interest

9 months ago

In the realm of football transfer speculations, a resounding echo reverberates as Liverpool stands unwaveringly behind their star player, Mohamed Salah. The captivating allure of the Saudi Pro League has set its sights on the Egyptian icon, but Liverpool's commitment to their prized asset remains steadfast.

Liverpool's Firm Position


Liverpool's allegiance to retaining their premier talent is palpable, as they have exhibited no inclination to part ways with Salah. Despite the temptations of the Saudi Pro League, sources confirm that the club's management is resolute in their stance.

Mohamed Salah's excellence on the field has not gone unnoticed, especially by the Saudi Pro League, which seeks to assemble a constellation of football's brightest stars. Both Salah and Paul Pogba have emerged as prime targets, embodying the league's aspiration to showcase top-tier talent.

Among the contenders, Al Ittihad stands as the eager suitor for the Egyptian football maestro. Driven by a relentless ambition, they remain committed to securing Salah's signature, defying the odds even as Liverpool remains immovable in their decision.

The Enigma of Liverpool's Hierarchy


Having sanctioned the transfers of key players Jordan Henderson and Fabinho to Saudi Arabia, Liverpool's hierarchy comprehends the depths of potential negotiations. The ownership prowess of PIF, Al Ittihad's financial powerhouse, is well-recognized. Yet, Liverpool's resolve has not wavered, setting a formidable bar for any potential deal.

Al Ittihad's pursuit of Salah is not merely a matter of financial magnitude. To prize Salah away from Liverpool, it necessitates an offer of monumental proportions, capable of surpassing the club's current record sale of £142 million, a benchmark established when Philippe Coutinho was transferred to Barcelona in 2018.

Any prospect of an agreement must encompass a salary that aligns with the stature of such a deal. The precedent set by Al Ittihad, epitomized by their signings of Karim Benzema and N'Golo Kante, underscores their willingness to meet the highest player compensation benchmarks. Only Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi outshine these new recruits in terms of earnings.

To acquire Salah's talents, Al Ittihad's ambitions would need to surpass even Cristiano Ronaldo's deal with Al Nassr, a contract amounting to a staggering £3 million per week. Such a feat would underline the extent of the club's determination to secure Salah's presence on the Saudi Pro League stage.

While Salah's inclination towards a potential move to Saudi Arabia is evident, the timeline of such a transfer remains enigmatic. The ongoing summer transfer window might hold the key to his future, although doubts persist about his long-term commitment to Liverpool, despite his recent contract extension.

As the tug-of-war between Al Ittihad's aspirations and Liverpool's determination unfolds, the football world watches with bated breath. While the allure of the Saudi Pro League beckons, Liverpool remains an impregnable fortress, determined to safeguard their prized gem, Mohamed Salah, from the grasp of enticing offers. The saga continues, as the paths of footballing destiny intersect, intertwining the ambitions of clubs and players alike.

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