Ronaldinho Faces Cryptocurrency Scam Allegations, Potential Jail Return

9 months ago

In a stunning turn of events, Ronaldinho, the former Brazilian football sensation, finds himself facing the grim possibility of returning to prison. This time, it's not for his dazzling skills on the field, but for his alleged involvement in a cryptocurrency scam. The Barcelona legend's reputation is on the line as he battles accusations surrounding a pyramid scheme company that operated with cryptocurrencies. Let's delve into the intricate details of this alarming situation.

Ronaldinho's Run-In with the Law


The spotlight has once again turned to Ronaldinho as he repeatedly fails to honor summons from the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies. The parliamentary committee, led by Deputy Aureo Ribeiro, is investigating one of Ronaldinho's companies that is suspected of running a pyramid scheme. The committee's patience is wearing thin, and they have set a new deadline for his appearance. Should he fail to comply, the authorities are prepared to use force to bring him to Brasilia for questioning.

At the heart of the investigation lies the company '18kRonaldinho.' This company promised investors extraordinary returns of over 2 percent per day, enticing them to invest a minimum of $30 in virtual currencies. Ronaldinho's name was linked to the company as an 'ambassador,' though its original purpose was as a watch and jewelry trader. However, the Brazilian Public Prosecutor's Office claims that the company's focus shifted to a financial pyramid scheme involving cryptocurrencies, leading to the allegations of swindling.

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Ronaldinho's Defense Strategy


In the midst of the legal turmoil, Ronaldinho's defense team is working tirelessly to protect his image and legacy. They assert that Ronaldinho himself was a victim in this situation. According to his lawyers, the company '18kRonaldinho' exploited his name and image without proper authorization, using them to deceive potential clients. This claim of unauthorized usage aims to absolve Ronaldinho of any direct involvement in the fraudulent activities.

The repercussions of the alleged scam have been profound, with customers of '18kRonaldinho' raising their voices against the company's practices. As irregularities surfaced, a civil action was initiated, representing all those affected by the scam. The collective effort resulted in a staggering claim of approximately $61.2 million against '18kRonaldinho' for the financial and emotional damage caused by the company's actions.

As Ronaldinho's legal battle unfolds, the football legend's future hangs in the balance. Accused of ties to a cryptocurrency pyramid scheme, he faces intense scrutiny and the possibility of returning to prison. The accusations, defense, and monetary implications paint a complex picture of a situation that could redefine Ronaldinho's legacy off the pitch. The football world watches with bated breath as the legal proceedings continue to unfold.

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