Robert Lewandowski Expresses Concerns Over Barcelona's Tactical Approach

9 months ago

Barcelona, the reigning La Liga champions, have kicked off the new season with a commendable performance, securing seven out of nine possible points. The team clinched consecutive victories against Cadiz and Villarreal, rebounding from an unexpected 0-0 draw against Getafe in the initial fixture. However, beneath the promising results, a brewing concern has surfaced, voiced none other than by the veteran striker himself - Robert Lewandowski.

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Insufficient Forwards, Lack of Support

In the opening three games of the season, Robert Lewandowski managed to score only one goal. This singular goal arrived during the latter stages of the Villarreal match, a contest that saw Barcelona recover from a 2-0 disadvantage to a nail-biting 3-2 victory. In stark contrast, during the same phase of the previous season, Xavi's squad had accumulated an identical number of points, yet Lewandowski had already netted four goals by this juncture, recording consecutive braces.


In an interview with Mundo Deportivo, the Polish striker, who recently celebrated his 35th birthday, revealed his mounting frustration with the current tactical approach of Barcelona. Lewandowski asserted, "We are Barca and we are expected not only to win but also to play good attacking football. Lately, that has not been as it should be, so we have been fighting to create more chances in matches." This statement underscores his discontent with the lack of attacking prowess displayed by the team.

Lewandowski highlighted a critical issue that he perceives within Barcelona's gameplay – the scarcity of forwards from the commencement of matches. He emphasized, "When we see Ferran [Torres] or Ansu [Fati] come on, two players who go forward, we create more chances. Sometimes we don't play with enough attacking players, I don't have support." This observation hints at the strain Lewandowski feels when isolated between opposing central defenders, making it easier for them to thwart his advances. The striker elaborated, "In many games, I don't have many chances to score. In the last two games, I didn't have many chances, I didn't receive many balls, so sometimes I had to create my [own] chances."

Barcelona's Transfer Standpoint

Interestingly, 90min has reported that Barcelona remains open to offers for Ansu Fati, a stance upheld since the previous season due to his limited involvement. On the contrary, Ferran Torres is experiencing a resurgence, having expressed his determination to contend for his spot within the team. These developments underscore the club's dynamic approach to building a competitive lineup.

It can be said that Robert Lewandowski's candid expressions about his frustrations with Barcelona's tactical approach provide a unique insight into the dynamics of the team's gameplay. As the team strives to balance its attacking prowess with tactical flexibility, Lewandowski's perspectives could play a pivotal role in shaping the course of the season. With an emphasis on creating more chances and providing Lewandowski the necessary support, Barcelona could potentially unlock their full offensive potential and continue their pursuit of success in La Liga and beyond.

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