Real Madrid's 2023/24 Transfer Window Review

9 months ago

In the world of football, few names resonate as profoundly as Real Madrid. A club known for its legacy of greatness and relentless pursuit of excellence, the 2022/23 season was far from what Madridistas had hoped for. With only a Copa del Rey trophy to show for their efforts, it was clear that change was necessary. In this article, ULSFootball takes a look at Real Madrid's 2023/24 Transfer Window Review.

Jude Bellingham - A+


  • Transfer Date: 01/07/23
  • Signed from: Borussia Dortmund
  • Fee: £88.5m

"If you are what you say you are, a superstaaaarr..."

Jude Bellingham must be listening to Lupe Fiasco's classic on repeat right now. Real Madrid's acquisition of the supreme midfielder for £88.5m was nothing short of a steal. Bellingham seamlessly integrated into the squad, prompting Ancelotti to adapt his tactics to accommodate the young Englishman. His performance in pre-season was outstanding, and he's made an electrifying start in La Liga. Bellingham's ascent to superstardom at the Bernabeu appears inevitable.

Fran Garcia - B


  • Transfer Date: 01/07/23
  • Signed from: Rayo Vallecano
  • Fee: £4m

Real Madrid secured Fran Garcia's return for a modest £4m fee, bolstering their left-back depth. With Ferland Mendy's form in question, this move appears shrewd. Garcia's prowess at Rayo Vallecano caught the eye, and he's a valuable addition to the squad.

Joselu - C


  • Transfer Date: 01/07/23
  • Signed from: Espanyol
  • Fee: Loan (£425,000)

In isolation, signing the experienced Spaniard Joselu was reasonable. He offers a distinct profile compared to Madrid's current forwards and is a valuable bench option. Joselu's track record of 30 La Liga goals in the past two seasons speaks for itself. However, this signing takes a hit due to Madrid's failure to replace Benzema adequately.

Arda Guler - B


  • Transfer Date: 06/07/23
  • Signed from: Fenerbahce
  • Fee: £17.1m

Arda Guler's rapid rise in the football world almost led him to Barcelona, but Madrid secured the talented young playmaker for a relatively modest fee. Despite a preseason foot injury, Guler's potential is undeniable. Once he returns to full fitness, he could quickly establish himself at the Bernabeu.

Kepa Arrizabalaga - B


  • Transfer Date: 14/08/23
  • Signed from: Chelsea
  • Fee: Loan (£850,000)

Kepa Arrizabalaga arrived on an emergency loan after Thibaut Courtois's injury. Madrid opted for the seasoned goalkeeper to provide stability. While Kepa's Chelsea stint didn't justify his £72m price tag, he should be a dependable option for Madrid in the 2023/24 season.

Departures - Benzema, Asensio, Blanco, Odriozola, Mariano Diaz

Karim Benzema - F


  • Transfer Date: 01/07/23
  • Joined: Al Ittihad
  • Fee: Free

Real Madrid's failure to replace Karim Benzema after his departure to the Saudi Pro League is nothing short of a disaster. Benzema's exit leaves a gaping void in the squad, and it's a move that could haunt the club, especially considering he didn't join a European competitor.

Marco Asensio - E


  • Transfer Date: 06/07/23
  • Joined: PSG
  • Fee: Free

Once hailed as Real Madrid's next big thing, Marco Asensio's departure to PSG for free is a disappointment. While he may not have fulfilled his full potential, he was a valuable contributor under Ancelotti. His move to a potential Champions League rival raises eyebrows.

Antonio Blanco - C


  • Transfer Date: 25/07/23
  • Joined: Alaves
  • Fee: £3m

Antonio Blanco showed promise at Real Madrid, but the club's midfield depth hindered his breakthrough. His move to Alaves is a reasonable decision for player development.

Alvaro Odriozola - D


  • Transfer Date: 01/09/23
  • Joined: Real Sociedad
  • Fee: £2m

Alvaro Odriozola's departure leaves Madrid heavily reliant on Dani Carvajal's fitness at right-back. While Odriozola showed potential, consistency was an issue.

Mariano Diaz - D


  • Transfer Date: 01/09/23
  • Joined: Sevilla
  • Fee: Free

Mariano Diaz's departure is questionable given Madrid's lack of striker depth. With Joselu as the sole addition, keeping Mariano for another year might have been a prudent move.

In conclusion, Real Madrid's summer transfer window showcased a mix of astute signings and puzzling departures. The arrival of Jude Bellingham stands out as a coup, while the failure to replace Benzema could prove costly. Madridistas will be watching closely as the 2023/24 season unfolds, hoping that these decisions lead to success on the pitch.

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