How Manchester United Can Adapt Without Antony and Jadon Sancho

9 months ago

The start of the season has been anything but smooth for Manchester United. While they've had their fair share of ups and downs on the pitch, the drama off the field has added to their challenges. Recent developments have left United without the services of Antony and Jadon Sancho, two key wingers. In this article, we'll delve into How Manchester United Can Adapt Without Antony and Jadon Sancho.

Alejandro Garnacho


One promising option for United is Alejandro Garnacho. Despite limited appearances in the senior squad, Garnacho has consistently impressed. His memorable late winner against Fulham last season showcased his potential as a game-changer. However, there's a catch – Garnacho typically operates on the left wing, the same area Marcus Rashford prefers. To accommodate Garnacho, Rashford may have to shift to the right, a position that doesn't maximize their strengths.

Possible Lineups:

  1. Garnacho (RW) - Hojlund (ST) - Rashford (LW)
  2. Rashford (RW) - Hojlund (ST) - Garnacho (LW)

Fernandes Adapting to Wider Role


Central attacking midfielders occasionally find themselves on the flanks, a tactical move that doesn't always succeed, especially when lacking pace. Nonetheless, Bruno Fernandes in a wider role could offer defensive stability to United. His willingness to track back and cover defensively could be vital against strong opponents like Brighton and Bayern Munich.

Possible Lineup: Rashford (LW) - Hojlund (ST) - Fernandes (RW)

Ditching the Wingers


In a somewhat unorthodox approach, United could adopt a narrow 4-4-2 diamond formation with no wingers. Rashford and Rasmus Hojlund could partner up front, while Fernandes assumes the number ten role. Casemiro as a defensive midfielder, supported by two dynamic eights, could provide a solid foundation. This formation, packed with central presence, might bolster United's defensive capabilities, addressing their vulnerability in midfield.

Possible Lineups:

  1. Casemiro (DM) - Eriksen (CM) - McTominay (CM) - Fernandes (AM)
  2. Casemiro (DM) - Eriksen (CM) - Amrabat (CM) - Fernandes (AM)
  3. Casemiro (DM) - Amrabat (CM) - Mount (CM) - Fernandes (AM)

In conclusion, Manchester United faces a challenging period without Antony and Jadon Sancho. Adapting their lineup is crucial, and options range from accommodating young talents like Alejandro Garnacho to deploying Bruno Fernandes in a wider role or even opting for a bold, winger-less formation. The path they choose will determine their success in the absence of these two influential wingers.

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