Neymar Injury Update: Latest News on the Football Star's Condition

1 year ago

Neymar injury update has become a topic of much interest for football fans worldwide. Neymar has suffered many injuries throughout his career, from ankle sprains to fractures. They have had a significant impact on his team's performances. Given the importance of Neymar to his club and country, any news about his injury status is closely followed by fans, media, and experts alike. 

In this context, Neymar's injury updates provide valuable information about his recovery progress, expected return dates, and other relevant details that fans and enthusiasts might want to know. Keep reading to discover!

Is Neymar Injured?

The answer is Yes. Neymar, the Brazilian football superstar and forward for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), will miss the remainder of the 2022-23 season after sustaining a severe ankle injury

The injury occurred on 20th February during a match against an unknown opponent. PSG medical staff recommended a ligament repair operation to avoid the risk of recurrence. After consultations with multiple experts, the decision was made to proceed with surgery, which will occur at the ASPETAR hospital in Doha in the coming days.

The injury is to Neymar's right ankle, for which he has previously suffered instability, and surgery is necessary to repair the ligament damage. The severity of the injury is such that it will take 3 to 4 months for Neymar to return to training with the team, meaning he will be out for the remainder of the season.



Neymar was stretchered off the pitch in the 51st minute of the match after he sustained the injury, with PSG going on to play some challenging fixtures in his absence. Timothy Weah, the USMNT star, was brought in to fill Neymar's position and played in a left wingback role, producing three critical passes from the unusual place.

In short, this is a significant setback for PSG and a devastating blow for Neymar, who has had many ankle injuries in recent years. Fans will be hoping for a swift recovery for the football superstar.

The Most Severe Neymar Injury In The Past

As one of the best football players in the world, Neymar is no stranger to injuries, and his fans are always eager to learn the latest news about his condition. Let's take a look at his two most serious injuries!

Neymar Injury 2014



One of the most severe injuries suffered by Neymar occurred during the 2014 FIFA World Cup quarterfinal match between Brazil and Colombia. The incident happened in the 87th minute, with Brazil leading 2-1. Neymar was chasing the ball toward the touchline when he was challenged by Colombian defender Juan Zúñiga, who caught Neymar with his knee in the back.

Neymar immediately fell to the ground in agony, and it was clear that he was in significant pain. The medical team rushed to his aid, and he was eventually stretchered off the field in tears. It was later revealed that Neymar had suffered a fractured vertebra, ruling him out of the remainder of the World Cup.
The injury was a significant blow for Brazil, without their star player in the semifinals against Germany, losing the match 7-1. Neymar's injury also sparked a debate about the physicality of the World Cup and the need for more excellent protection for players.

Despite the severity of the Neymar injury World Cup, Neymar made a full recovery and went on to become one of the most successful footballers of his generation, winning numerous titles with his club and country. However, the 2014 injury remains one of the most significant moments in his career, and one that he and his fans will never forget.

Neymar Injury 2022



Neymar suffered a severe ankle injury during Brazil's World Cup match against Serbia on November 24, 2022. This Neymar ankle injury occurred in the second half, and Neymar was eventually substituted in the 79th minute. He had been tackled hard a few times during the match and was visibly limping and grimacing before leaving the field.

After being substituted, Neymar was seen on the bench with ice taped to his ankle. Then, he was in tears as doctors began treating him in the final minutes of the game. The severity of the injury was evident from the photos showing significant swelling on his right ankle. Neymar was also seen limping heavily after the game, indicating that the injury was severe.


Neymar injury updates are of great interest to football fans worldwide, given his status as one of the best players in the world. With injuries having a significant impact on his team's performances, any news about his condition is closely followed by fans, media, and experts alike. As fans and enthusiasts, we all hope for his swift recovery and return to the football field to continue entertaining us with his skills and talents. For more news about Neymar, visit ULSfootball more often!