Levi Colwill's Decision: Why He Chose to Stay at Chelsea

9 months ago

Levi Colwill, the talented Chelsea defender, recently made headlines with his decision to stay at Stamford Bridge this summer. Despite enticing offers from Brighton and Liverpool, his loyalty to the club was unwavering. In this article, we delve into the key factors that influenced Levi Colwill's Decision: Why He Chose to Stay at Chelsea.

One of the central reasons behind Levi Colwill's desire to remain at Chelsea was the remarkable rapport he developed with manager Mauricio Pochettino. From their very first encounter, Pochettino's approach left an indelible mark on the young defender. Colwill attributes his decision to the profound respect and support he received from the Argentine manager.

A Manager Who Values More Than Football

Colwill, a promising 20-year-old talent, expressed his admiration for Pochettino during an England press conference. He stated, "He is a great manager, really makes me feel comfortable and allows me to play my best game." This endorsement underscores the unique qualities that set Pochettino apart.


On his initial meeting with Pochettino, Colwill emphasized, "The big thing for me is, on the first day I came in, putting an arm around me and showing me that he respects me as a person and a player. That allows me to work my hardest and makes me want to play my best for him."

Beyond the Football Pitch

Levi Colwill's praise for Pochettino goes beyond the tactical aspects of football. He highlighted, "The majority of managers may just look at you like a footballer, which he doesn't. That's a big difference. That helps me play my best football."

Colwill firmly believes that under Pochettino's guidance, he will continue to improve. "I can guarantee that. He's such a good manager, and he will push me, he won't let me have any off days, that's what I need," he explained. The manager's relentless dedication to his players is a source of inspiration for young talents like Colwill.

Levi Colwill's decision to stay at Chelsea, despite tempting offers from other clubs, can be distilled down to the deep connection he shares with manager Mauricio Pochettino. Pochettino's unwavering respect for Colwill as both a person and a player has forged a bond that transcends the football pitch. As Colwill embarks on this exciting phase of his career, Chelsea fans can look forward to witnessing his continued growth under the guidance of a manager who values not just the footballer, but the person as well.

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