Kevin De Bruyne salary: The top-earning player in the Premier League

1 year ago

Kevin De Bruyne is widely considered one of the best midfielders of his time who has won the hearts of admirers worldwide.  However, beyond his prowess on the field, Kevin de Bruyne salary, transfer fees, and sponsorship frequently draws the attention of all fans. Let’s explore this information in the article below!

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Kevin De Bruyne's salary per week and per year

As AM RLC for Manchester City F.C., Kevin De Bruyne reportedly makes £340,000 per week, or £17,680,000 annually. The current value of Kevin De Bruyne is £102,492,000. This is considered one of the highest-paid salaries in the English Premier League

If compared to David De Gea, the Spanish goalkeeper, known for his excellent saves, Kevin De Bruyne's annual salary is only slightly lower. The current salary of this player is £19,500,000/per year. This is similar if compared with Raheem Sterling (Manchester City). Raheem Sterling earns £350,000 per week, £18.2 million per year playing for Chelsea as AM RL.

Besides, Kevin De Bruyne's salary is considered higher than that of Paul Pogba (Manchester United) and Mohamed Salah (Liverpool). Specifically, Paul Pogba, the dynamic French midfielder, was reported to earn approximately £15 million per year, which is similar to Mohamed Salah, the prolìic Egyptian forward.

Kevin De Bruyne salary history

Year Weekly Wage Yearly Salary     Club Position League Age
2014 £71,000 £3,692,000 Wolfsburg AM RLC German First Division 23
2015 £150,000 £7,800,000 Manchester City AM RLC Premier League 24
2016 £150,000 £7,800,000 Manchester City AM RLC Premier League 25
2017 £230,000 £11,960,000 Manchester City AM RLC Premier League 26
2018 £230,000 £11,960,000 Manchester City AM RLC Premier League 27
2019 £230,000 £11,960,000 Manchester City AM RLC Premier League 28
2020 £230,000 £11,960,000 Manchester City M, AM Premier League 29
2021 £340,000 £17,680,000 Manchester City AM RLC Premier League 30
2022 £340,000 £17,680,000 Manchester City AM RLC Premier League 31

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Factors that contribute to his jaw-dropping salary

Consistency and performance on the field

On the pitch, De Bruyne is a master orchestrator, a player who consistently delivers exceptional performances. His unparalleled skills and consistent brilliance have directly impacted his market value and positioned him as an indispensable asset to his club.

Market demand and player valuation

The ever-increasing wage of these players is a reflection of the dynamic and lucrative financial ecosystem that surrounds modern football. The astronomical transfer fees paid to acquire top players play a significant role in the economics of the game. Clubs invest substantial sums to secure the services of marquee players, often in the hundreds of millions of dollars. It is one of the reasons that contributed to Kevin De Buyne’s jaw-dropping salary

Besides, Kevin De Bruyne's mesmerizing talent has not only attracted the attention of football enthusiasts but also corporate giants. Large advertising contracts have contributed significantly to Kevin De Bruyne's incredible income

Impact on team success and revenue generation

One of the elements influencing each player's revenue increase is the team's success.If the team achieves achievements such as winning league titles, domestic cups, or qualifying for prestigious tournaments, the player may receive bonuses or salary increases as part of their contract terms.

Moreover, the success of a team can significantly impact a player's market value and potential transfer fees. Thanks to the huge contribution in the team's awards, Kevin De Bruyne's transfer fee has increased markedly. 

  • Aug. 2015: VfL Wolfsburg to Manchester City

Transfer fee: $78.84 million

  • Jan. 2014: Chelsea to VfL Wolfsburg

Transfer fee: $22.82 million

  • Jan. 2012: KRC Genk to Chelsea

Transfer fee: $8.30 million

In conclusion

In conclusion, Kevin De Bruyne salary as one of the top-earning players in the Premier League reflects his exceptional talent, contributions to his team, and market value. With reported earnings of approximately £20 million per year, De Bruyne's salary places him among the highest-paid players in the league. His performances on the field, combining creativity, vision, and technical mastery, have established him as one of the premier midfielders in the world.