Kaka- the Brazilian star on the pitch and in real life

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This star born in 1982 is gifted in both football and tennis. He used to practice tennis professionally, but eventually his passion for the field brought this player to the famous Sao Paulo training center (Brazil) so that in 2007, we had a striker who won the Golden Ball and the Golden Ball. FIFA Player of the Year. The prestigious Time magazine in 2008 also included Kaka in the list of 100 influential players on the world pitch. 

Typical for pompous football

His real name is Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, like many other Brazilian players who chose for themselves the "stage name" of the field when starting to follow the "shorts" career. It was his younger brother, Rodrigo, who chose the name Kaka for his brother and it certainly brought good luck. Digao - nickname of his younger brother Rodrigo, later also played for Milan, but not as famous as his brother.

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The elegant Brazilian player is the dream playmaker of any big team. He has the ability to cover, hold the ball very well, dribble the ball and pass the ball smart. His kicking style is both spontaneous and effective. Kaká is also very strong in moving and finishing situations.
After 3 seasons playing for Sao Paulo, starting in 2003, Kaka came to Milan, starting to conquer the European turf. 6 seasons playing for AC Milan, he made 271 appearances, scored 96 goals and had 55 assists, enough to fascinate any fastidious fan. Kaka helped AC Milan win the 2004 Seria A, won the 2004 Italian Super Cup, won the 2006 Champions League, the 2003 and 2007 Super Cup.

After several years of pursuit, Real Madrid finally got Kaka. He played for the Royal team for 4 years from 2009-2013 and won 1 Spanish King's Cup. Despite playing 120 games with 29 goals and 32 assists, in that Milky Way, Kaka could not play the boss like he was at San Siro and AC Milan brought him back.

AC Milan only kept him in the 2013 season because his heart was still towards Sao Paulo. Kaka returned to Brazil to "pay back" the team that trained him before "retirement" at the Orlando City Club in the MLS American Professional Championship.
At the team level, Kaka is the 2002 World Cup champion held in Asia. He played for the Samba national team from 2002 to 2016 with 92 appearances, scoring 29 goals and 25 assists. More than anyone else, Kaka is the promoter of the "field dances" of Samba football, with a technical and soft kick in each phase.

Elegant man of family

Kaka is a pious lamb. At the age of 18, Kaka suffered a very serious injury while swimming. He was paralyzed in the upper body because of a broken spine, which seemed to end the new career of the Brazilian midfielder. 

But just a short time later, Kaka miraculously recovered and continued to play as if nothing happened. Therefore, Kaka believes in God's miracles even more. He became a devout believer, actively raising money for churches in Brazil, after every goal he always made a sign.

Brazil speaks Portuguese, in addition to this language Kaka is fluent in English and Spanish. Kaka is the first sports star with 10 million followers on Twitter and is always in the top 5 players with the most fans on Facebook and Instagram. When playing for AC Milan, Kaka also appeared as a male model in the fashion capital of the world and he proved not to be inferior to any professional supermodel. His face, smile and elegant gait have captivated many ladies, but he is a man of the family.

In 2013, as a top star, Kaka's influence was huge, he was one of the factors that helped MLS pull in a huge viewership and grow as it is today. To have him, Orlando City club must pay a salary of $ 6.6 million / year, can be up to $ 7.2 million / year if including bonuses, this is an unprecedented salary in football history. American stone.

The love story of Kaka and Caroline can be compared to a story only seen in novels. Accidentally met (in 2002) at the airport when Kaka was 20 years old and Caroline was 15, fell in love like lightning, then got together after 3 years (2005). After more than 15 years of marriage, the two have two little angels, Luca (12 years old) and Isabella (9 years old). Up to now, the Brazilian schoolgirl still sees everything happening as a dream. Unexpectedly, the idol who took the initiative to ask for an autograph was a respectable husband later.

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Different from the noisy life, associated with bars and all-night fun of many other South American stars, Kaka knows how to maintain a personal image. After retiring, he regularly participates in charity activities of FIFA, image ambassador for Real Madrid or AC Milan. Kaka is the unblemished gem both on and off the pitch of Brazilian football.