Is Robert Lewandowski related to Hitler? Find out the truth

1 year ago

Robert Lewandowski is known as a Polish footballer who is widely regarded as one of the best strikers in the world. However, aside from his skills, fans are also interested in an issue: Is Robert Lewandowski related to Hitler? Let’s find out the truth in the article below!

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Rumors about  Robert Lewandowski is a grandson of Adolf Hitler's youngest sister

Robert Lewandowski was born on August, 21st, 1988 in Warsaw, Poland. Lewandowski began his football career at a young age, playing for various Polish clubs before making a name for himself at Lech Poznań. 

Since 2014, he has joined Borussia Dortmund. During his time at Dortmund, Lewandowski became a prolific goal scorer, helping the club win two Bundesliga titles and reach the UEFA Champions League final in 2013. In this club, he has become a real scoring machine. 

He is also known as the player with the fastest hat trick in Champions League history. In the match against Red Star Belgrade on December 8, 2020, he conceded 3 times in just 4 minutes and 42 seconds, breaking the old record held by former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba.

Lewandowski's playing style is characterized by his exceptional goal-scoring ability, intelligent movement, and technical skills. He possesses a lethal combination of strength, speed, and precision, allowing him to score goals from various positions and angles. Whether it's headers, volleys, or clinical finishes, Lewandowski has consistently proven himself to be a top-class striker.


Is Robert Lewandowski related to Hitler


So does this player's domination on the field come from the blood of Hitler, the most dominant and feared leader in history? There are numerous press stories stating that: Robert Lewandowski was the youngest grandson of Hitler’s youngest sister who was called Paula Hitler who died in 1960.

However, there was absolutely no record showing that Paula Hitler ever even had any children or a direct bloodline of any sort. Therefore, it’s factually incorrect and impossible when stated that Rober Lewandowski’s parents would have to be Paula Hitler’s children. He has no ties with Adolf Hitler anyway!

Know about Robert Lewandowski's family 

Lewandowski was born into a family of sports traditions. His father Krzysztof was a judo champion in the country and played for the Hutnik Warszawa football club. His mother, Iwona Lewandowski, is a former volleyball player for AZS Warsaw. Besides, his sister named Milena, is a volleyball player while his brother, Dawid is involved in football management. 

Both parents encouraged their children to participate in sports, and young Robert was involved in a variety of outdoor activities from a young age. When Lewandowski's father gave birth to their kid, he named him Robert because he believed it would be much simpler to pronounce should his son move overseas to play. Lewandowski's father was so determined for his firstborn to become a professional soccer player.

Moreover, Lewandowski's wife is also a sports athlete. Anna Lewandowski is a former karate champion who has a three-time world champion. And now, she currently runs her own fitness and lifestyle company called Healthy Plan by Ann

The Lewandowski family has done everything to assist him in reaching the top, including having dessert before his main course and using special eyewear to ensure he sleeps as soundly as possible. 

"There's a lot of little things that we started changing 12 years ago," Anna explained. "For example, the quality of sleep: a good mattress, no blue light, and the right food before bed. Diet in general: We avoid lactose, wheat flour, white sugar, and fried foods.

"We eat the dessert or the carbohydrates first and then proteins, sometimes we eat more raw vegetables, sometimes only a little meat. To know what Robert needs right now, we check his blood regularly. It is also important to eat slowly. It's not easy for both of us."


Now the answer to the question "Is Robert Lewandowski related to Hitler?" is clear. In summary, Robert Lewandowski is a highly accomplished and respected footballer. His remarkable goal-scoring ability, consistency, and leadership have cemented his status as one of the world's best players. While rumors and unfounded claims may arise, it is important to rely on accurate information when discussing the achievements and contributions of individuals like Robert Lewandowski.