[HIGHLIGHT] Nottingham Forest: Win against the Leeds United

1 year ago

Losing to Arsenal 1-4 made Leeds fall back into the relegation group, but they were kicked at home against a Nottingham Forest who had not won for 7 rounds in a row. However, the Leeds side almost went ahead in the 8th minute, Nottingham got a corner and Dennis hit the post and bounced off.


It was Dennis who helped open the scoring for Nottingham, 12 minutes Danilo broke through the middle before shoving Dennis on the left to stretch across and Mangala caught the ball before dodging Sinisterra's tackle and cutting his heart into the far corner. But eight minutes later Leeds equalized, Harrison ignited an attack by the home team and he himself stepped in after Keylor Navas pushed Roca's shot,

After most of the first half was even, 45+1 minutes Sinisterra put Leeds ahead with a dribble from the edge to cut into the middle before cutting low to beat Navas. That goal created a thrilling game in the second half when Nottingham had to attack, opening a space for Leeds to exploit. From 59 minutes to 63 minutes, both Harrison and Sinisterra twice sent the ball wide of the post from opportunities for Leeds, before Bamford missed unfortunately in the 67th minute when there was a chance to shoot in the penalty area.

Leeds continued to actively attack to reduce the pressure on the defense, causing the visitors to have to roll with their bodies to block the ball. 90+1 minutes, Nottingham had a rare chance from a free-kick and Scarpa volleyed dangerously towards goal but was blocked by Struijk.

Winning 2-1, Leeds escaped from the relegation group to climb to 13th with 29 points, but they are only 2 points above the relegation position and have 4 teams with 27 points from 15 to 18. in which Nottingham Forest is ranked 17th.

Match score: Leeds United 2-1 Nottingham Forest (1st half 2-1)



- Leeds: J. Harrison 20', L. Sinisterra 45'+1

- Nottingham Forest: Mangala 12'