Bing Sport Reviews: Is Bingsport Illegal to Watch Live Stream Football?

11 months ago

When watching live football streaming, what do you care about the most? Quality, price, or legality of its streaming service. When it comes to live stream football, Bingsport is one of the popular brands for cheap football streaming. However, its legality is what many of us worry about. 
Is Bingsport legal or illegal? Is it a good website for watching football this 2023/24 season? 
Let us walk you through Bing Sport reviews to find out the answer. 

Is Bingsport Illegal? 

Having been on service for more than 3 years, Bingsport delivers live sports streaming at a cheap price.

Bingsport is probably an illegal website for football streaming because it doesn’t have the right to hold the content. However, it’s legal for you to watch sports from illegal streaming websites like Bingsport. 

It’s rare to find information about Bingsport legality on the internet. According to the top review sites, Bingsport is not a scam because it hasn’t been taken down over the years. Besides, it receives good recommendations from users on Reddit and Quora. 

Bingsport football live reviews

Let’s explore the quality of Bingsport service and answer yourself, is it a good choice to enjoy football there? 

Bingsport sport coverage

It’s undeniable to say Bingsport is a good website to follow live sports streaming. Though it mainly focuses on football leagues like Premier League, Champions League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1, you have a chance to watch other sports like tennis, basketball, on more. 



Besides watching live football streams, people can update on live scores, and fixtures, and watch the highlight, which brings a really satisfying watching experience. 

Bingsport quality of live streaming 

Bingsport proudly confidently brings HD or Full HD live football  on tv streaming to customers. People, with a paid subscription won’t have to worry about lags, hassles, and interruptions while using their service. 

We just check the quality of a soccer match and see that the quality of videos and images is really good to follow up on matches. 

However, some customers are not happy with the interruption during their watching on the website. Sometimes, the site is taken down then back, which frustrates users a lot. 

Registration process

No one likes a complicated registration. So Bingsport has a simple interface, making it easy to use. And the registration at Bingsport takes less then a minute to complete. You can sign up with your email, google, or Facebook account. 

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Bingsport even doesn’t require a confirmation via email. But this makes us a bit worried about the legality of the website. Because if something wrong happens, there is nothing saved to send proof to customer support. 

Bingsport pricing review

Watching Bingsport soccer tv is reasonable for many people. At this time, the brand offers 3 packages to choose from 

  • With a monthly package, you pay $24 per month. 
  • With a quarterly package, you pay $16.8 per month, saving 31% off 
  • Especially, if you pay for a yearly package, you only pay $6.8 per month to enjoy all live streams football online and live sports streaming on Bingsport. 

In comparison with other live football streaming services, Bingsport pricing is much cheaper. For example, DirectTV stream cost you at least $75 per month. ESPN Plyus cost you at least $10 per month. Fubo TV also costs you at least $75 per month. 

If price is the most important thing, you can choose Bingsport. 

Customer support

Bingsport, a popular sports streaming service, claims to offer 24/7 customer support to address user concerns and provide assistance. However, there have been instances where users have experienced delays in receiving responses and unresolved refund cases. Let's take a closer look at Bingsport's customer support based on these observations.

While Bingsport's customer support is generally responsive, it is worth noting that there have been occasional delays in their response times. Some users have expressed frustration at having to wait longer than expected for assistance with their queries or issues. This inconsistency in response time can be frustrating, especially when users are relying on timely support.

Another aspect that has been a concern for some users is the handling of refund cases. Bingsport may not have a perfect track record when it comes to resolving refund requests. Some users have reported dissatisfaction with the outcome of their refund cases, suggesting that not every refund issue is successfully resolved. This can be frustrating for users who may have encountered technical difficulties, billing errors, or other issues that warrant a refund.

Bing Sport reviews Reddit

Reddit is known for being a hub of diverse opinions and discussions on various topics, including product reviews. Therefore, people enter the question "is bingsport legit reddit" to find an exact answer.  When it comes to the Bing Sport reviews, a popular topic in the sporting community, Reddit users have voiced their thoughts. Let's delve into what people have been saying about the Bingsport review Reddit.



Unfortunately, at this time Bingsport does not receive any reviews on Reddit to check. Their service is still good enough so no review or complaint threads are opened on Reddit or Quora to discuss.

Is Bingsport football live a good choice?

In our opinion, Bingsport is a good option for watching live football streams. Besides full HD quality, and a cheap price, Bingsport offers some interesting features like highlights, and watching 14,000+ movies and tv shows when you have to wait for your favorite matches. 

You have read some Bing Sport reviews. You also got the answer to the question “ Is Bingsport illegal?” Now the decision is up to you.